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You’re likely to have seen the #shelfie phenomenon on Instagram and the endless pictures of perfectly organised shelves. If your own home is stuffed with clutter, you might think that hiding items in cupboards is the only option. However, we’re here to share some simple tips for creating beautiful shelfie displays. Take back control and display your treasured items proudly in a way that tells your story.

Geometric Antique Brass Shelf

Oak Shelves with Iron Brackets

1. Start with good bones

Before anything else, find a shelving unit you love. Creating a stunning display is as much about what you’re arranging your items on as it is about your curation decisions. The bare shelves should be stylish on their own.

2. The right kind of clutter

Too much of the wrong kind of clutter can cause negative issues like stress. However, good clutter can also have positive effects, such as increased creativity or innovation. Purposefully messy shelves full of curios and treasures you cherish can be meaningful, affirming and inspirational. Intentionally display things you really love and see the joy it brings.

Oak Shelves with Iron Brackets

Triangular Frame Wooden Shelf


3. Get clear on your inspiration

Before you begin, define the story behind your display. Let this guide you. Are you opting for a specific colour scheme? Is there a mood you want to create? Do you want a light and airy Scandinavian feel or something bolder and darker? Start there.

4. Group similar ornaments

You might not see the patterns in your ornaments until you put them together. It can be helpful to group all your items on the floor to begin with. Grouping similar items will help avoid a sense of clutter. If you haven’t opted for an overall tonal scheme, you can create mini colour palettes for each shelf.

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5. Decide on a focal point

You don’t have to have a focal point but it can be helpful to choose a piece to style your other items around.Your focal piece doesn’t need to sit in the centre of the shelf, in fact it will probably look better if it’s off to one side.

6. Forget about symmetry and embrace the odd

The key to a great looking shelfie is to not be too symmetrical. Instead, create an asymmetrical display using different heights, shapes and directions. Grouping items in odd numbers (especially threes) looks far better than arranging items in even numbers.

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7. Layer and stack

Use books and boxes to elevate smaller items and add interesting layers to your shelf. Avoid boring, predictable displays and experiment to see what looks best. Consider shapes and proportions, and play around with negative space. Place bigger items towards the back then layer forward with smaller items at the front.

8. Think in all directions

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Use trays and plates to bring in horizontal elements. Trays are a great way to group smaller items together in a meaningful way. Arrange treasured keepsakes on top of horizontally stacked books.

Hana Iron and Marble Shelving Unit

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9. Add textures

Play with different textures – ceramics, glass items, wooden boxes, woven baskets, candles etc. If you don’t know where to start, plants will complement any shelfie. Again, avoid rigid uniformity, whilst at the same time looking for a harmony of story between your items.

10. Make it fun

It’s always good to add something unexpected or amusing into your display. One or two humorous curios that will make your guests laugh or ask questions. At G&G, we love eye-catching, maximalist displays full of trinkets and keepsakes that remind us of different periods of our life. Our biggest tip of all is to display whatever has authentic significance to you and brings you the most joy. Your shelves, just like your home, should be filled with treasures that delight and inspire you, and remind you daily to enjoy each moment of life’s wonderful adventure.